(she lives between pages)
Irisbleu, if you bury that mouse I will never forgive you. Harold was bad enough.

I solemnly swear that I will never, ever bury that mouse.

(I hated to bury Harold.  I had scarcely got to know him myself.)

ETA: Regarding your interjection below, kaytara-art, let us assume that, in this equation, bury does, in fact, equal kill.  I don’t solemnly swear to things lightly.  To be fair, though, you have a valid point: its death isn’t technically off the board, especially not since there’s a ready source of resurrection ; - )  My point is that this mouse is just as charmed as that toad in Tuck Everlasting, just in a slightly different way.  And if you haven’t read that book, go do it.

  1. eldanis said: Natalie Babbit aaaah my childhood!
  2. kaytara-art said: I like how you promised you won’t *bury* it, not that you actually won’t *kill* it. She may not be a demon, but we still need to watch our exact wording, folks!
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