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You made a new mix. I have to listen to it. Also check out this show!

I did!  I also wrote new fic (and will be posting some more of it, probably tomorrow), and if you want to check out the show in question, drop me another message (I have a link).

So there’s a really big long thing I’ll be posting either tonight or tomorrow night (depending on when I manage to finish, edit, and have someone else look at it), but after that I really will be going slightly quiet for some weeks as surgery and bang / exchange stories have to kick in. I’ll still answer asks and emails, though, don’t worry. And by “really big long thing” I mean “20k to stack on top of the most recent 10k of content you’ve seen here.”

important ship question: who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt? answer for any of your ships, cause you have the best ships :)

Anon, that is ridiculously cute, and I think it’s a meme I’ve seen cross my dash a few times while I’ve been on the fly?  I like it too much not to answer for a handful of pairings, anyway (my thanks to the-oxford-english-fangeek for letting me hash out these answers via text; you are the best sounding-board ever, my friend):

  • Tendo and Alison are my pranksters on this front.  They’d have all four shirts (If found, return to Alison / I am Alison & If found, return to Tendo / I am Tendo), but they’d get mischievous in employing said shirts (i.e. Alison would take great glee in wearing the Return to Alison shirt while Tendo’s wearing around the I am Alison shirt, and vice versa, or they’d simply both wear the Return to shirts, or…look, you get the picture; teenage Daniel’s eternal lament will be MY PARENTS ARE SO WEIRD, HELP!)
  • For Newt and Hermann, it would be Newt wearing the one that says If found, return to Dr. H. Gottlieb, and Hermann’s I am shirt would have the same super formal presentation of Hermann’s name on it (although he’d refuse to wear it, except around the house, and he won’t let Newt live it down).
  • For Hamlet and Horatio, it’s Hamlet in the If found shirt.  No question.  It’s like having to see your beloved pet in a Cone of Shame, I swear.
  • Sophia and Adam get a pair of shirts for Aziraphale and Crowley one Christmas.  If found, return to A. J. Crowley, says the shirt they give Aziraphale.  The angel thinks it’s hilarious, but Crowley goes abruptly, moodily silent when he sees it, and suddenly everyone catches that memory of flames and falling timbers in his uncovered eyes.  The shirts never get worn; Adam feels especially guilty.
  • Kieren loudly protests being stuck in an If found, return to Simon shirt by Jem, and Simon wryly points out that Jem got it wrong: three shirts are needed here, two of which say If found, return to Amy.  The third shirt gets draped over Amy’s headstone.  But, here’s the catch: in the story I’m writing right now, she does come back (ways and means), so she’ll wear the thing proudly even though it’s been out in the wind and rain for a bit.  Philip tolerates this with good humor, and he’s rewarded with his own If found, return to Amy shirt.  No harm, no foul.
  • Troy wears his If found, return to Abed shirt like a badge of honor (as well he should).

In this episode we explore the narrative of Pacific Rim, the kind of story being told and how it sits within the wider film landscape.

Featuring: Adrienne (irisbleufic), Andi (therailsplitter), Hamish (hamishmonstermash) and Louise (violetohara)

1. Dead Hearts - Stars / 2. All I’d Ever Lost - Show of Hands / 3. Acceptable Losses - Lisa Miskovsky / 4. Charon - Keaton Henson / 5. Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash / 6. All Tomorrow’s Parties - Rasputina / 7.  Closer - The Tiny / 8. Daniel in the Den - Bastille / 9. Shout to the Devil - Kate Rusby / 10. Sound the Bells - Dessa / 11. Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung / 12. Hyperballad - Björk / 13. And No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / 14. Never Play - Emily & The Woods / 15. A Rush & A Push & The Land Is Ours - The Smiths
(Listen @ 8tracks.com)

1. Dead Hearts - Stars / 2. All I’d Ever Lost - Show of Hands / 3. Acceptable Losses - Lisa Miskovsky / 4. Charon - Keaton Henson / 5. Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash / 6. All Tomorrow’s Parties - Rasputina / 7.  Closer - The Tiny / 8. Daniel in the Den - Bastille / 9. Shout to the Devil - Kate Rusby / 10. Sound the Bells - Dessa / 11. Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung / 12. Hyperballad Björk / 13. And No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / 14. Never Play - Emily & The Woods / 15. A Rush & A Push & The Land Is Ours - The Smiths

(Listen @ 8tracks.com)

Hi! I'd like to once again express my appreciation for your new In the Flesh fics (because both of them are brilliant, and I'm definitely looking forward to any others that you may or may not write in the future.) And also, a question: are you familiar with NaNoWriMo? If you are, have you ever done it in the past? Or are you considering doing it this year?

It’s been ages since I said, right, I’m just going to mess around with something for a bit and see what happens (no end-point or goal in mind), so I’m glad you’re enjoying the results so far!  I’m also working on my GO Exchange story at the moment, but I’m not rushing that; having something on which I can turn loose my need-to-keep-moving-and-training impulse without any expectations is fun.  I feel like GO and PR have hit levels at which I’ve been running myself too hard lately.  ItF is making me slow down and decompress, which I’ve needed for a while.  New voices to crack, new settings to explore.

So, about NaNoWriMo: my surgery’s been rescheduled for the first week of November, and, subsequently, I will not be able to do anything but lie in bed for that entire month and possibly the first week or two of December as well.  Idle brain and idle hands, provided the drugs don’t get in the way, might result in me deciding NaNo is a great idea.

(Correction: I’ve promised gendersquare and flux—and—flow I’ll do it.)

New Ficlet: Wear Your Rue (In the Flesh, K/S)

Title: Wear Your Rue

Fandom: In the Flesh (through Hamlet-tinted lenses, maybe the other way around)

Pairing/Characters: Kieren/Simon; Jem, Sue, Steve, Amy (present by her absence)

Rating: M (slightly NSFW at the beginning, but it doesn’t stay that way for long)

Warnings: References to canonical character death; flashbacks (PTSD, suicide), and the tone of this moves from humor to angst-that-needed-working-out so fast I have whiplash.

Notes: Set in the same universe as Shatter but can be read as a stand-alone. Anyone familiar with Actions We Might Play and Anthology #22: Defying Augury is going to understand exactly why they should treat this like armed explosives. Almost every pairing in my backlog to date has gotten a crack at touching this particular scene from Hamlet in some context or another, and just when I was convinced the latest incarnation was the hardest-hitting it could get, this proved me wrong. My first crack at them a week ago was Simon’s POV, so I had to turn around and give Kieren’s a try.

Summary: Kieren thinks of Amy in her burial clothes, lying still and quiet with stargazers in her hair.

(Read it @ AO3)


so my boyfriend and i got into an argument/debate/contest that somehow started with him sending me quotations from the communist manifesto and me retaliating with quotations from atlas shrugged and ended with him sending me the entirety of chapter one of irisbleufic’s anthology

my phone has been getting texts nonstop for about the past ten minutes

See under “kind of post in which you don’t expect to see yourself tagged, and over which you experience so much hilarity your partner is genuinely worried you might cough up an organ or several” (I’m not sure how you two got from Point A to Point C in this spat, but I’m proud of you; that kind of goofing off takes dedication).

I'm so excited that you wrote an in the flesh fic oh my gosh!! I've been watching the show for the past few days and I was looking for fanfiction, but there wasn't too much, so the fact that you wrote something for it makes me really happy. thank you so much. :) (but a quick question: is the fic safe to read, spoiler-wise, or should I wait until I've finished season 2?)

The fic is spoilertastic, so you should definitely wait until you finish Season 2 (the first part of it’s set during the events of the final episode, and then the rest of it follows the final episode).  I’m pleased to hear you’re enjoying the series as much as I did; as usual, I’m late to the party, but man, it’s a great party!  I hope you do like the story when you get to it

New Fic: Shatter (In The Flesh; Kieren/Simon, Ensemble)

Title: Shatter

Fandom: In the Flesh

Pairing/Characters: Kieren Walker/Simon Monroe; Ensemble Cast

Rating: Explicit [NSFW]

Word Count: 8,130

Notes: I kept myself from watching this series as long as I could.  Sometimes resistance isn’t worth it (see also: what happened when I caved in and watched PR), so my penance is this story.  There are just enough loose ends to be worth a one-shot.  I’m not allowed to write more; I have two GO seasonal exchanges breathing hellhound-like down my neck.

Summary: "I know who the First Risen really was, though," murmurs Kieren, rousing from sleep.

(Read it @ AO3)


In this episode we discuss what makes the universe of Pacific Rim so appealing to fanwork creators and ways in which people have and are continuing to explore and expand on it.

Featuring: drhermannhottlieb, geiszlerandgaila, irisbleufic and zetarays

Links to the fics and authors recommended in this episode can be found below the cut.

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Case in point regarding the inherent strength of working from a place of anger, at least according to my personal experience: I wrote two poems this year that were very definitely provoked by someone who was not only rude to me, but who also engages in a great deal of activity that pisses me right off.  One of these poems was written back in the spring; my anger was still so fresh then as to be incandescent, so while I was funneling a great deal of it into a prose writing project I had on at the time, I vented the more personal vein into verse.  The second piece, much shorter, was written in July; it has more of a retrospective air, but there’s a certain vigilance I feel in the wake of a situation settling (nothing is ever really settled, and there are certain arenas in which I consider myself perpetually on-call against asshattery).  The shorter piece sold to the first venue at which I submitted it, and in under twenty-four hours.  The longer piece from springtime is so oddly-structured and scathing that most places I’d been sending it, although they told me they considered it spectacular, didn’t know what to do with it genre-wise.  I’m happy to say, though, that it’s found a home as of today.  I’m talking about this because a) a few of you have seen the poems in question, and b) this topic seems timely given Gaiman’s stunning Guardian piece on the fury in Pratchett’s belly.  Anger is only destructive if you let it destroy you.  Set the world you abhor on fire and mold a new one from the ashes.  It works

Neil Gaiman on Terry Pratchett



"[Pratchett] will rage, as he leaves, against so many things: stupidity, injustice, human foolishness and shortsightedness, not just the dying of the light. And, hand in hand with the anger, like an angel and a demon walking into the sunset, there is love: for human beings, in all our fallibility; for treasured objects; for stories; and ultimately and in all things, love for human dignity."

*is in silent, head-nodding, grinning awe after reading this*

oh my god, why am I only now finding out about you and your amazing fics like damn DAMN!! :D i read Act Together a week ago, and it wasn't until I re-read it that i finally checked out your other pacific rim fic AND OH MY GOD YOU WRITE GOOD OMENS FANFICS AS WELL and i am just so so happy. so yeah... good job, you ♥

Your only just having tripped over my work may be a side-effect of the fact that, aside from my ten-years-and-counting in Good Omens fandom and the two years I spent writing Sherlock and now my affiliation with Pacific Rim, most of my other fandoms are so rare as to not really count as fandoms at all.  This results in a fairly low profile in the broader scheme of things (if you compare me to other writers who have been around for the same amount of time and who also have comparable raw-numbers output), at least according to my perception.  I also tend to keep mostly to me and mine unless somebody asks my assessment or opinion of something, at which point I may accrue pins on the meta-map.

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Act Together, and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of what you read (if you indeed decide to keep going).  Let me know.  Even if you don’t like what you read, same statement applies.  Nice to meet you!

You're doing a good job of being a two fandom blog, I am impressed :D PacRim has caught up with Good Omens in content. Do you know how much PR fic you have written vs. GO? I would be curious.

Hi, anon!  Sorry for sitting on this since yesterday, but I’ve had an overloaded twenty-four hours in which writing, editorial, and podfic-recording matters needed attention.  Your question is intriguing, and one that I realized can be put into perspective by making the following comparison (no small thanks to the AO3 word-count function, which made adding my tallies-to-date in each of these fandoms possible):

  • I have been actively writing in Good Omens fandom since early November of 2004.  This means that in ten years’ time, I’ve written 400,000 words of GO fic.
  • I have been actively writing in Pacific Rim fandom since early December of 2014.  This means that in ten months’ time, I’ve written 250,000 words of PR fic.

Summary: in ten months of PR fandom, I’ve produced over half the total content of all ten years’ worth of GO.  I’ve never written so much in so little time.  The only other contender on my record would be the 400,000 words of Toy Soldiers fic I wrote between March of 2004 and late December of 2007, but I realize that it still doesn’t come close to rivaling the sheer-amount-of-PR-fic-in-under-a-year anomaly.  Do with this data what you will :)